ChatGPT Aces MBA Exam Administered by Wharton Faculty Member

OpenAI's ChatGPT, a natural language processing system, achieved an 86 percent accuracy rate when answering questions on the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania's MBA exam. This is a breakthrough for automated grading of business school exams and could be improved with more training data.

What is Apple Music Sing

Apple Music Sing is a new feature that allows users to sing along to their favorite songs, with adjustable vocals and real-time lyrics, and tens of millions of singable songs available. Multiple lyric views make it easy for anyone to join in, wherever and however they choose.

The A-Z of CES 2023

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the world’s largest technology event, providing a platform for product launches, networking, and innovation. With this in mind, 4Heron has put together a comprehensive guide to the technology, trends, and topics to watch at CES 2023. From the Internet of Things to Augmented Reality, here’s an A-Z of what to expect at the show.

This pen is equipped with cameras and sensors that turn all your written notes into a digital format.

At CES 2023, the Nuwa Pen was announced as an affordable and secure alternative to the iPad Pro and Pencil. Get all the features of a regular pen, plus an added motion sensor and three cameras for capturing and saving digital notes, all for just $179. Enjoy better security than other note-taking apps and get more for your money with the Nuwa Pen.

AirPods Lite on the way from Apple?

Rumours are swirling that Apple is readying a new, more affordable version of its popular AirPods wireless earbuds. Dubbed “AirPods Lite,” the new earbuds are reported to feature a design similar to the current-generation AirPods, but with a smaller form factor and lower price tag. Reports suggest that the AirPods Lite will feature a shorter stem, reduced sound quality, and no active noise cancellation. While no official announcement has been made, the rumours suggest that Apple may be preparing to launch the new AirPods Lite sometime in 2023.

Limewire partners with Universal Music Group

Limewire, a digital collectables marketplace, has joined forces with Universal Music Group to bring a wide variety of music NFT collectables to a broader audience. Fans can access limited edition releases, demos, exclusive live performances, and more through the platform, which also supports card payments for NFT purchases in addition to cryptocurrency. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to create, buy, and trade music collectables with Limewire and Universal Music Group.

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